MG Aile Strike Gundam part 2


The Aile Strike’s coming along nicely with the main body complete and only half the Aile Striker, the beam rifle and decals, if any, left to do.

This is the first time I’ve painted clear parts, so I’ve experimented a little. The lenses were painted with Tamiya clear blue and yellow with black masking on top of that with the usual fineliner. I added silver backing with the same metallic paint pen I used for the ankle hydraulics. Unfortunately, the result was less reflective than I had hoped and only shows up under slightly overexposed photos. Next time, I’ll probably paint over a metallic backing if I’m not using LEDs. I did have some fun with sumi-ire with the side vents on the side and the rear sensor.

I know that the PS parts are of a different material, but the red pieces seem to be a bit softer. I noticed this when trimming the main thrusters on the Aile Striker. It might be why this damage to the shield magically appeared.


2 thoughts on “MG Aile Strike Gundam part 2

  1. Kuroneko

    So even experts are not perfect. Look at the head ear, it’s full of black. I did the RG Aile Strike and considering it’s a smaller version kit I did well for a first time gunpla build specially in that ear part.

  2. I hate to break it to you, but I’m no expert, if it wasn’t obvious already. I’d go so far as to say that I’m not even an intermediate. I’m just a lazy guy with some blog posts.

    Also, it’s nice when your RG has a separate molding for the black pieces. Does it also have a separate CWIS mould?

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