MG Aile Strike Gundam done


Finally, done with my first MG. I would’ve finished it a month or two earlier, but I was away on business…


WIP 2 (includes some nice pics without the fulle Aile Striker)

Pretty basic build, with mostly panel lining/edging. I’ve used a little bit of paint here and there (skirt thrusters in WIP 1, clear sensor peices on the head and rifle). If the blues/reds don’t quite look out-of-the box, it’s because I put my camera in Vivid color mode.

I used clear paints and and applied shiny silver paint to the back of the clear parts but it seems there isn’t enough light entering for it to bounce back. The only time this works is when light enters from the side and lights up the eyes, like in the last pic. Next time, I’ll probably apply silver to the front of the cameras but leave the eyes the same.

I would’ve liked to apply decals, but I’ve got a ton of other kits to do and I don’t have any experience with top coat yet (not even on my painted 1/144 ReGZ which is losing paint every time I transform it).

For now, this will have to do until I move out of my tiny apartment and get some place with more room to work on stuff.











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